Supawai John began playin' together in the beginning of 1993.
The band, originally a quartet, was named The Whippin' Post
(later changed in Supawai John) and was formed by Luca Dominici: singer,
guitarist & steel player, Max Giua: drummer, Giuseppe Nano: piano player 
& Francesco Nuoto: bass & backing vocals. 

After some months of reharsals the band was ready to
taste live experience with a bunch of own songs and
covers from various sources as country, blues, rock'n'
roll, mixed with a psychedelic brand to complete the
setlists. In march '93 the band recorded the first demotape
with four compositions. The band began playin' in several
clubs in town, writing new songs and making new fans.

  The summer of 1993 was marked by the joining
of a new member: Cristina Savarino at tambourine,
percussions and harmony vocals. Also in that summer
the band, now a quintet, played for the first time
outside of Rome. In spring 94 the many gigs allow
the band to finance itself the production of the first
studio task "Country Velvet" , which will come out in
april 1995 for the Red River Music label.

  The 95 see also the apparition of SJ on TV
(Videomusic) and several radio interviews, among
which we remember the live-unplugged radio
show in occasion of Country Velvet outcoming,
transmitted by Radio Rock on the 15th of may 95.
Among the many live performances we must mention
the open act for Chris and Carla (Walkabouts), during
which they played few songs together.

  Meanwhile the band's musical horizons begin to
expand. No more certain refering points, but a modern
concept of rock music that embraces every kind of
music. During the live performances the songs spread
out, making room for jam and cosmic improvisations,
from free jazz to bluegrass, from avant garde to
polka. The stage as a creative place for a collective
meeting, this is the new philosophy of the band. The
new show provides, besides the many songs of the band
and classics revisited, for a constant space named
"the zone", where the band spreads into daring and
each time different improvisations, sometimes
enriched by the presence of surprise guests.

  The band's bold sound choice will deliver some
difficulties to the live activity. So during '96 and
'97 the occasions for live playing are less than
before, and they happen in selected places; many
clubs don't want to risk, they prefer a sure
investment with cover bands. In 1998 Supawai John
is an independent band in the proper sense of
the term, they prefer to sell their CDs at the shows,
or on internet, they are sensible to the problems of
the italian artistic scene, but also strangers to it
and light years away from the codification "italian
rock band". They are also close to other art
realities, welcoming every contribution, as the one
with Guido Cozzi, painter and musician from Riano.

 In june 98, with a new member Luca Manzan
who plays the bass instead of Francesco Nuoto,
after a series of shows, the band enters the studio
to record the new CD "Sundowner".
The new album has been released in December 98
and features State-of-grace-of-the-art of Supawai John,
including classic live anthems "I ain't got lovin' no more"
& "Buffalo's dream", sound alchemies with infrasounds
and dead frequencies on "Jupiter", special guest horns
section and flute added on some tracks.

  In June 99 line up has been expanded to a sextet with
the recruiting of a new member, a long time friend and
musical companion, Enrico Antinori on congas, timbales
& percussions, and the insertion of a synth, played by
Cristina Savarino, which adds space grooves and
cosmic noises to the sound of the band.

  The 99 shows were full of jams and delightful
extravaganza, new songs were written, rhythm section
works at full throttle, SJ are ready to step into the new

 Year 2000 brings brand new sounds in the band's
scenery. First with the temporary addition of a second
guitar played by the reverend Alessandro Pascarelli, his
blues talent and his wisdom enriched SJ music enough
to make him first fan of the band and then life-time
onorary member.
Second the incoming of Isabella Spacone as a member
of the band to replace Giuseppe Nano on the piano.
The Y2K will be remembered for tasteful and powerful
shows, with the help on some of them of Claudio Davani
on second drum set.

 The dawning of the Odissey year mark the late change:
Guido Cozzi temporary replace Luca Manzan on bass.

On 2002 we welcome back in the band,
after his long exile on Ithaca,
the one and only, the original motorcycle man:
Francesco Nuoto and his bass.
We continue our Trip to the Unknown

Supawai John

Luca Dominici

guitars, vocals, harmonica, steel guitars

Max Giua


Francesco Nuoto


Cristina Savarino

harmony vocals, space synth, tambourine

Isabella Spacone

piano, organ



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